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Misty Solitude
Limited Edition Original Giclee on Canvas
300 s/n 50ap 
(44" x 30" or 36" x 25" or 30" x 20")

Kendall Davenport

Web Site     United States


Kendall said, “ I want people to feel like they’re standing right at that place, and then I want them to feel the peace, the healing, the renewal, the assurance, the hope that nature has in it.” He has ccomplished his dream and great desire to share nature with others in an inspiring way.

His paintings have been in Galleries from Jackson Hole Wyoming to Southern California. His paintings hang in homes and offices all over the country, and as far away as Madrid, Spain. He has a Gallery Studio from which his art is marketed. People can go on line and learn about him and his new fine art form with a beautiful catalog of his paintings.

A brand new art form has been born, a revolutionary new art form, the art of the future, imagined reality painted in detail. Kendall Davenport is the pioneer of this new fine art medium, “Giclee Painting on Canvas”

His paintings can bring you into a new realm, an exciting new place to be.








Tatiyana Kraevskaya Fuhrman

Web Site     United States


Kraevskaya began studying at an art college. After graduation, she worked one year as an art teacher in a high school and worked two years as an assistant for an art director for movie productions. She decided to earn her next degree in this field. Tatiyana applied to study at the VGIK in Moscow, Russia. She spent six productive years in the art department studying fine art. She also gave private art lessons and showed her paintings at various art exhibitions. 

In January 1994, she immigrated to the United States where she continues to paint and exhibit her work at various galleries: Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, NJ; Springville Art Museum, Springville, UT; Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA; Art Club Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY; EVVIVA Art Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA; Gallery on Broadway, San Diego, CA; Fingerhut Gallery, La Jolla, CA; Repartee Gallery, Provo, UT; Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA; Plano Art Association, Plano, TX; David Ericson Fine Art, Salt Lake City, UT; Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA.

Tatiyana has been nominated for: The 2005 ARTV Awards; Director’s Recognition Award from Period Gallery, Nebraska; Honorable Mention in the 30th Annual Juried Competition from Masur Museum of Art, Louisiana; Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International, New York; Professional Abstract Painting, Intermountain Society of Artists, Utah. 

In December 1999 she became a citizen of the U.S.A. She is a member of the American Society of Artists and the National Association of Women Artists.

Tatiyana has been quoted as saying, “Art is a spiritual language you use to communicate with people, no matter what language they speak. My work is about trying to reach every single heart by touching the deepest sanctuaries of the human soul. I invite viewers of my paintings to feel a higher awareness of light & reality.”





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