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"Rainbow Path"
18" x 24" $ 175.00


" Beyond Words"
Watercolor  18" x 24" 

"When Beauty Calls"
12"x 18" $ 175.00

J. Barry Launius

Web Site   United States


As a self taught emerging new artist of less than ten years Barry has found recognition far beyond what most artists spend lifetimes trying to achieve. Works sold and collected by galleries throughout the Caribbean as well as displayed in condos, hotels, restaurants and even aboard cruise ships. Barry was a finalist in the 2005 Anguilla International Art Festival (juried show) being one of 50 chosen of a field of hundreds and most recently (May 2008 issue) his work graced the cover of Travel Weekly magazine.
Barry's realistic approach to tropical landscape subjects is definitely unique and a style all his own. Take a look, enjoy and relax! Contact the artist if you have questions on size, price or medium. Commission works accepted.




Research and Restoration of Paintings, Frames, and Paper
Established: 1997

Affordable Art Restoration

Web Site     United States 


My name is Thomas Lee Burger and art is my whole life. I have spent most of my life admiring and creating art for my enjoyment. My first art professor was my grandfather who taught me to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us in the world of art. His philosophy was to learn from the past so that we could better our future. My interest in art conservation started when I was given a frame with a painting that was damaged. I could tell the painting was very well done underneath the layers of varnish and dirt. The painting had several holes in the canvas and I remembered my grandfather's words to always restore and maintain the past for works of art. I decided to investigate the signature of the painting and my local conservator, in South Bend, Indiana, told me that she could restore the painting to its original beauty. I waited a year to finally see the painting restored and when I got the painting back I could not believe how beautiful the painting looked after the restoration. I told my local conservator I wanted to study to be an art restorer and so began my journey to be an art restorer for paintings and frames. I also buy and collect 17th thru 20th century paintings and frames. I have my bachelor of fine arts degree with a minor in art history (my passion). My training was with the New Orleans Conservation Guild and a recognized private art conservator. I currently, work as an art restorer/conservator in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My goal is to restore and maintain the visual images of the past so, that future generations may learn from our masters in the world of art. My services for art restoration are available to my customers. I have been titled the "Affordable Art Restorer". My training in art conservation has allowed me to pursue my own fine art restoration and conservation business in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have 7 years of art restoration experience in Indiana and 3 years of art restoration and conservation experience in New Orleans. I offer services in frame restoration, painting restoration, paper restoration, and sculpture restoration. Art conservation for period fine art is available to clients. All restoration and conservation work is documented and photographed for future reference. I also sell my original paintings of New Orleans homes and landmarks. I tend to paint the unique charm of the south and I am known for my fisheye view paintings of New Orleans architecture. I offer all my services to my customers so, please feel free to ask me any questions.



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