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The Campus Life
Will Lankeit

Life Time - Signature Member
 Web Site     U.S.A


My original interest in Art came at the hands of my Grandfather ... a long-time friend and drinkin' buddy to the famous Western Artist Charles M. Russell. Russell had sent letters to the owner of the "Mint Bar" in Great Falls for many years and these were placed in glass cases along the wall in the bar. The significant content was the various pen -ink drawings on the envelopes and,  sometimes, on the letters themselves depicting Russell's location at the writing of those letters. Soon, I began with pencils ... then pen - and - ink on a journey of my own. The stories of the Old West told by my Grandfather fueled my imagination and old Charlie was my inspiration. As time rolled on I graduated from college and, as we all did then, joined the U.S. Navy. At first I figured it would be a waste of four years in my life, but, it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. "Join the Navy and see the World" the sign said ... and they lived up to every word of it. The next four years were spent aboard a Destroyer at sea and gave me a lifetime of memories of places and things that would never leave me. The Navy and Charles M. Russell were two great mentors. I've spent time turning out pen-and-ink drawings in the Latin Quarter in New Orleans ... had a studio and gallery in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada ... lived and painted in many, many places and sold paintings throughout the world.


oil painting by artist Steve Sandler boat Graphic

The Amanzona Province Town Dock
Steve Sandler

Life Time  -Signature Member

Web Site       U.S.A       U.S.A


For me color is everything. Whether it is the French countryside, Parisian parks, Italian hillsides, or California seascapes, I seek out the local colors and filter that information into each painting. My travels are the second part of the equation as I choose my destinations by topic -- water, boats, cafes, bridges, parks -- ideally a place with all these elements in bright profusion. Each trip is captured in a painting, each painting a remembrance of its location. By searching each location for the right combination of color and subject matter, each painting becomes its own adventure that I hope to share with the viewer. For me, then, these paintings are bright, colorful, and warm. I hope the viewer will also experience their warmth and good cheer. 



The View


Teresa Johnson

Web Site            United States


Hello, my name is Teresa Johnson also known as Teresa J.
I am fascinated with the richness of fine art oils and use this medium to create works of art. I challenge myself by painting a wide variety of subjects striving to portray the intricacies and beauty of the subjects I choose with passion. My desire is to portray the feeling, moment, story or beauty that inspires my soul through art.

I live and work in the Four Corners area of New Mexico and I am a member in the New Mexico Artists Online Gallery. I have painted with oils for the last twelve years and I teach a weekly art class in my home to a wonderful group friends. I am primarily a self taught artist with a love of learning. I continually grow my artistic abilities through artist workshops, art instruction books, life experience and of course many hours of painting. I believe learning and growth is a life long journey one should never stop pursuing.


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