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Portrait artist Charles E Newland Graphic

Sometimes We Almost See The Sky

Charles E. Newland

Life Time  Member

Web Site    U.S.A


Award winning artist Charles Newland shows a fusion of realism, magic realism and surrealism in
acrylic casein and oil paintings with a few digital images thrown in. 


Sporner's Pond


Lynda Pontzer

Web Site       United States


Lynda has painted oil and pastel portraits from life since she was a teenager.  Her lifelong passion for portraiture led her to Penn State University, Mercyhurst College, Cleveland Institute of Art and the University of Arizona.  Upon completion of her Masters in art and history, Lynda worked as an environmental arts teacher outside of New York City and then left to explore Europe and the Far East for a period of years.  This included a year of teaching portraiture at the University of Roskilde, Denmark

Lynda now lives in North Western PA, surrounded by the lush game lands of the Allegheny National Forest and state forests.  St. Mary's is located in Elk County which is famous for its elk herd.  Amid this "land of plenty" Lynda pursues the art of portraiture and painting the local landscape on location.   Her studio serves as a workshop for classes in portraiture and landscape painting.   The latter is done on location, weather permitting.  Class sizes are kept small to better focus on learning.  


The Crossing
oil on board 
36" x 22 1/2".

Lawrence Baker

Web Site     United States


Lawrence Baker's  methodical painting style is sometimes compared to the works of Andrew Wyeth and Norman Rockwell.

Lawrence really focused his paintings on things that seemed to have beauty and meaning - an old barn, a used car, a beautiful landscape or children playing. His work captured and preserved the character of his subjects, and his attention to detail was meticulous. Every leaf on a tree was painted exactly as he saw it, every blade of grass was shown, and no two bricks on a wall or shingles on a barn were the same. If there was a window, he would paint the reflection in the glass and what was behind it. If there was a painting inside an antique shop, he'd paint that too!

Lawrence had the amazing ability to combine different objects from various locations into a single painting. For example, the painting "The Crossing" was of his 88 year old father-in-law, who actually posed for this painting by leaning against the cellar door of his Waltham, MA home. The railroad tracks are in Brunswick Maine, and the crossing shack is in downtown Waltham. Where the background came from, we're not quite sure. Most paintings took months to complete to ensure the exact effect was obtained.

Lawrence´┐Żs artwork is in demand. While complications from his physical disability took him from us in 2004, his spirit and talent live on. (Lawrence Baker 1930-2004)


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