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Apple Series " Lilly "

Pamela Wells

Life Time -  Signature Member 
Web Site            U.S.A

My most recent works focus on feminine archetypes. I believe archetypes of transformation within art are of basic importance in helping people understand how to become the individuals they are meant to be. It is my purpose then to create art that leads us to  reevaluate, reorient and reorder our priorities for the renewal of our own souls. I think the inability or unwillingness to recognize the vitality of the inner world is our modern worlds most serious loss and greatest challenge. Please click on image to view more of her illustrations and find out how she does them 



Cats Jazzin
Martin Velez
Web Site      United States


Martin was born in The Bronx and got his art education from the streets of New York City. His first passion was comic book art but he was quickly thrown into graffiti because of it's provocative and rebellious meaning. After several years of painting graffiti his focus turned to painting on canvas and exploring various art mediums and techniques.

Modern art from the 1980s had a big influence on Martin as he witnessed first hand the art of the young minds of New York City and other up and coming artists like himself. Although Martin has been an artist almost all his life, it has only been in the last 15 years that he has had the freedom to tap into his creative mind and pursue his dream of creating art full time.

Martin's art style has no boundaries and his paintings are evidence that he has versatility in almost any medium. He enjoys working mostly with oils but often has a watercolor or acrylic painting nearby to finish. Although Martin has no particular style when he paints, his passion for comic book art and graffiti are still evident in his style of painting and in the way he uses his colors.

He believes that art is ever changing, much like life itself, and that people need to adapt constantly if they are to survive in the art world.



Early Morning Light

Dan Reid

Web Site    Canada


Dan Reid is a self-taught Western Canadian artist who has spent all his life on the prairies. Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan instilled in him an appreciation for the ever-changing moods of the prairie landscape and its beautiful open skies.

His interest in the vanishing prairie elevator as well as antique cars is reflected in many of his paintings which provide a nostalgic glimpse into Canada�s past.

Dan currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His travels throughout western Canada provide him with a constant source of inspiration for his paintings.

Dan�s other interests include snowboarding in the winter and, in the summer, he and his wife Jean drive their 1931 Chev street rod around Saskatchewan and Alberta where they enjoy attending car shows and meeting other car enthusiasts.



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