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‘Moorland view point’
10.25" x 14.5"

S D Lingham

Web Site      United Kingdom


I am a self-taught artist born in Derbyshire, England in 1973; I have spent most of my life in Yorkshire and currently live in a tiny village near the beautiful old city of York. 

I guess I am renowned for British birds, I use a variety of mediums - mostly oils, but also acrylics, gouache and the occasional pencil drawing, all of which allow me to attain accuracy in colour, shape and light. Although I almost exclusively paint in oils now. 

I am known for the photographic quality of my work and my attention to detail. 

My work is collected internationally and appears in many private and public collections including the UK, Europe, South Africa, and a great number of collectors in America. 

In the last few weeks I have been chosen to feature in a New York exhibition which will tour the states over the next few months. That particular piece has also been chosen to appear in a "coffee table" art book. 

I am very keen on conservation and am a signature member of The Artists for Conservation, a member of The Wildlife Art Society International, and the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society, all of which promote conservation of Wildlife through art. I recently won two highly coveted prizes through Marwell's International Art Exhibition for 2 paintings entitled Nesting Robins and Winter Roe Doe. 


 Autumnal landscape at lake St-Marie  

   Marcel Caron

Web Site     Canada


Marcel Caron was born in one of Québec's most picturesque regions, in 1925. He captures the essence of an artist intent on seizing the many images that pass before our eyes daily. Wherever he may be, he is always prepared to stop and sketch a singular scape that speaks to him so fully that he will then render the scene to canvas.

The strong result gives an immediacy to a significant event. Marcel Caron is really a visual chronicler of our land, finding abandoned log cabins, old roads, churches, and his favorite, the automnal beauty, telling tales of the land with his paint brush.

Caron likes to roam the hills of home, and he can also be found sketching around the village of Vence in the south of France. This area has drawn artists for centuries with its incandescent light. His prodigious output follows the classical tradition of French landscape style and he refers to the influence of Cézanne, Corot and their modern counterparts Surtel and Arnaud. In 1994, he was selected as a participant in the 30th anniversary of the "Grand Prix International de Peinture de la Côte d'Azur",held in Cannes.

Marcel Caron pays great attention to a solid and long term adherence of the colored pigments applied to the various supports on which he paints. To that end, he prepares them, by applying adequate coats of Gesso and rabbit skin glue.


Wild Roses
* 14" x 11" Price = £30.00
* 21" x 31" Price = £130.00
* 40" x 30" Price = £165.00
* 50" x 30" Price = £315.00

Jacqui Sieger

Web Site    United Kingdom


Jacqui Sieger is an oil Artist painting Romantic Impressionism. Born in Dorset, UK. Gifted with a psychic sight and her love for colour and unusual method of painting using a multi layer technique of Iluminous paint on some of her paintings , which has created a pioneering effect of changing moods as the light changes in the room. Many paintings sold to private collectors and now Jacqui has expanded into Publishing with Giclee prints and Exhibitions in the U.k and abroad. Commissions are also taken on.



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