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Carnival from Venice

Lars Stounberg

Life Time - Signature Member

Web Site              Denmark

Lars Stounberg has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus and spent 9 months at an art school in the Black Forest, Germany, in 1990. The art form are water colors and gouache. In his line of ancestors you will find well-known painters like Christian Zacho and Peder Mønsted. In 2000 his works were represented at an exclusive exhibition in Slovenia, ‘World Festival of Art on Paper’. This year his works will be on display at a large number of companies. During Easter, he was represented at the ‘Ridehuset’ in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city, along with other artists. During the summer of 2001 he will be present at two exhibitions in Berlin: Dorint Hotel Berlin am Müggelsee 2001Kulturbahnhof Wandlitz, Berlin 2001


Mesopheric Mystery


Nel Markle

Life Time  -Signature Member

Web Site        U.S.A


A graduate of Fine Arts from San Francisco State University, Nel also studied with many outstanding artists. Among these are Robert E. Wood, Rex Brandt, Leonard Brooks, Joseph Mugniani, and Maxine Masterfield. She has been exploring the diversity of oils for over 25 years. Using pigment suspended in an oil based medium, she achieves an unusual richness of color and texture on both paper and canvas. Her most recent works exemplify a multi-media range of creativity. These include her mixed media collages and assemblages using her handmade paper. Her works hang in many private and Corporate collections throughout the United States. To visit her "Original Art" gallery, click on to this painting. 



Utility Bridge

Linda Armstrong

Life Time - Signature Member

Web Site       U.S.A

A former grade school teacher and an author of novels for young people, Linda Armstrong began painting seriously in 1987. Influences on her work include her father, Charles F. Keck who graduated from Choinnard and who painted California plein air watercolors , also her daughter Amy, who  breathes magical pictures. She has learned from many wonderful gallery people, most recently, Bob Gino and Don Grant of Orlando Gallery in California, Sam Clayberger's studio in Los Angeles, the Barnsdall Art Center in Los Angeles, the Woodstock School of Art in New York, the No Fig Leaf Group in  Colorado and the Monday Night Group at Mesa College ,To see more of Linda's work please click on Image 



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